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Top innovations in products/ business practices in past 3 years

Resonated with the guiding principle of “Quality and customer satisfaction”, acquired more than 1700 customers, we have launched many products and Introduced new packing as per the requirement of the society.

We encourage our employees to explore new ideas by providing them time and resources for a cost effective business solution

Proving business to our customers on various Digital Platforms like India mart, Trade India, Flip kart, Amazon, Vialewudyojika (an e platform by VIALEW)

Business Overview

We have started our journey of packing chemical products from home in 2009 with 2 helpers and in 2011 established as Priya Hygiene Solution.
Our business model is based on B-B (Business to Business) and B-C (Business to Customer). We are making profit by the processing raw chemicals into safe & usable chemical products which are useful to the society.
We have skilled team of professionals, who makes their dedicated efforts to formulate the offered range of chemicals in order to fulfill our clients’ requirement in the most efficient manner.
Quality and Customer Satisfaction is our prime motto. Although being in chemicals industry we try our best to be always Nature friendly

Business Overview

We, M/s. Priya Hygiene Solution has been in the business of chemicals from last 11 years are complete range of home hygiene products in our supplies. We are known in the market for our consistent quality of products.

Feature Products

Blue Magic Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner's moisture-resistant formula will give a special luster to your hair and help prevent dryness, breakage and split ends.

Blue Magic

It can be used in bath, laundary, floor and surface cleaning, leaving everything clean and fresh.


Blue Magic Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner's moisture-resistant formula will give a special luster to your hair and help prevent dryness, breakage and split ends.

Flora Floor Cleaner

Green Magic is a next generation natural soil nutrient, with sufficient amount of macro nutrients and micro nutrients, that are required for root growth, plant growth, higher yield.

Cleanofresh White Floor

Floor cleaner can be used to clean a variety of surfaces including hard surfaces, windows, and glass surfaces as well as floors. Also, it is free from harmful surfactants or other synthetic ingredients

Priya Flora

Tiger Fresho

Tiger fresho

It is used for bleaching dirty clothes in the laundry and as a bleaching agent for cotton and linen in the textile industry.

Lion Acid

What is the red magic? In general, "red magic" is often associated with rituals, spells, or practices that are intended to harness or manipulate energy associated with passion, love, strength, and power.

Priya Red Magic

The flour will absorb the excess oily residue and voilà - clean, fresh hair in no time at all!

Cleanofresh White Floor

Apart from their pest-repellent properties, naphthalene balls can be employed for general household cleaning and deodorizing.


It removes dirt from clothes, thereby removing dullness from them and leaving a pleasant fragrance.

Yellow Detergent

It gently washes, protects colour, lends a soft feel, and retains shine in new and old clothes.

Soft Liquid Detergent

Our Clientele

Grasim Industries
Indo Borax Industries